New fake tan launches in the UK


A lovely new range of self tan products has recently launched in the UK.  Caribbean Tan is absolutely amazing! I’m literally putting my money where my mouth is: I tried the stuff on holiday in South Africa and loved it so much that I decided to invest all I have into bringing the sunless tan products over here to give the bigger brands a run for their money.

I just thought I’d share that with you, my dear readers!  Plus, as a token of my appreciation I’d like to offer you 25% off your first purchase.  Use the voucher code CT25OFF when visiting our online store at www.caribbeantan.co.uk

We’re also currently running a model search for the Face of Caribbean Tan 2010.  If you think you’ve got what it takes visit http://www.caribbeantan.co.uk/competition.html where you can find further details on how to enter.  The prize includes £1000 cash, international travel (all expenses paid), a years supply of free Caribbean Tan and you get your face plastered on all our advertising material and product packaging.

For all the bloggers out there: we’re giving away 50 FREE bottles of Caribbean Tan fake tan to the first 50 bloggers that mention www.caribbeantan.co.uk in a blog post.  Just email us at info@caribbeantan.co.uk with the page link and your address and we’ll send you some product.  Don’t forget to first visit our site to determine what skin tone you need.

If you want any other information just send us an email at info@caribbeantan.co.uk.  We’ll personally reply to your email and put you on our database for our free Caribbean themed summer partied next year.

Take Care.




This guy is World’s sexiest???What’s happened to global taste???



Twilight star Robert Pattinson has been voted the sexiest man in the world.Robert Pattinson has been voted the sexiest man in the world by the readers of Glamour magazine. The 23-year-old Twilight star topped the list ahead of Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman after the mag gathered the votes of over 2,000 women


Katie Price is back to banging…

As some of us still struggle to come to terms with the break-down of Katie Price and Peter Andre’s marriage, Kate once again proves that she’s not dwelling on the past.  The ex-glam model is said to be in a relationship with former Hollyoaks star and cage fighter, Alex Reid.  The News of The World claims the couple spent the night together in Liverpool’s Malmaison hotel after the reality TV star had been signing copies of her new book, Sapphire, in the city.  An insider said: “They were sat with friends but Katie couldn’t keep her hands off Reid. She was rubbing his leg up and down suggestively and kept whispering in his ear.  She was literally draped over him. It was very dark in the bar so they probably thought nobody would notice but Jordan’s teeth were gleaming and you could spot them a mile off. It was clear they needed to get a room. And when they got inside there was a lot of noise, a constant banging.”


Angie leaves Brad..

Angelina Jolie has apparently packed her bags and moved into hotel, Raffles L’Ermitage after she and partner Brad Pitt had an argument.  An insider has told Grazia magazine “Minutes after the argument, she got up, threw together a bag of clothes and ran to her car. She checked straight into a suite at the Raffles L’Ermitage hotel.”

Happier days

Happier days

The argument took place after twins, Vivienne and Knox’s first birthday party.  The reason for the argument is unclear but rumour has it that Brad’s recent meetings with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston has put more strain on a relationship already in turmoil.


Van tells Efron to Ef-off…

Vanessa Hudgens has been left ‘huminlated’ after fiance,  Zac Efron and Megan Fox enjoyed a quite dinner date recently.  Zac has defended his actions saying that they were simply meeting to discuss the possibility of working together in the near future.  If that’s true, then I think Vanessa has more to worry about than a little dinner date.

questionable behaviour?

questionable behaviour?

I’m sure this sounds very familiar, is history to repeat itself..Brad and Jen/Angi???  Anyways…isn’t Megan supposed to be back together with cheesy Mr. Austin Green???


Wowza does Jen get around…

Jen and Gerard....

Jen and Gerard....

Jennifer Aniston is said to have a new man.  And while she might get more seat action than a bicycle no one can blame her for sinking her claws into supposed new beau-hottie actor Gerard Butler.

Not even a week after word hit the tabs that Brad Pitt had put an end to their recent string of rendezvous and Jen is happily coupled up with one of Hollywood’s hunkiest actors.

The couple are said to have started dating after hooking up on the set of their new film, Now magazine sources claim. “She’s been to his hotel room. They’ve also been spotted disappearing into Jen’s trailer together,” an insider told Now magazine. “Even though Brad’s giving his relationship with Angelina Jolie another chance, he’s clearly put out by Jen’s romance with Gerard. Jen knew Gerard’s reputation as a bit of a ladies’ man and wanted to take things slowly. The next time they went out, it was to dinner at The Tower Bar in LA a month later, but now that they’re in the same film, the romance has ignited. They even practice kissing scenes after the cameras have stopped rolling!”

Gerard’s party however have put stump to the claim saying that Gerard is tired of being associated with woman.  “I’m trying to make movies, work hard and do my best. Then this kind of thing happens and people start to associate me more with that. It gets ridiculous.”

I dunno, but I’d be happy for Gerard to disappear into my trailor anytime…yummy!!




Anorexic Angelina,pregnant and splitting from Brad

So once again Ms. Joli is caught in the eye of a whirl wind of speculation.   According to the latest glossy and black&white reports Angelina is 2 months pregnant with her and partner,Brad Pitt’s SEVENTH little mite.  The starlett, who is growing thinner by the day, was last week reported to have fainted on-set of her latest film and has, and I quote, ‘stopped eating completely’.

Too thin for baby??

Too thin for baby??

Apparently Brad and Angelina have been trying for a baby for a good few months.  However, Angelina has said the positive test result came as a bit of a shock.

Me wonders how they’ve managed to find the time, or the inclination, to be intimate when their relationship has been reported to be at  its most turbulent with strong suggestions that the couple were splitting up.

Sounds like something out of  Days of Our Lives.  I hope Angelina can pull herself together, put some food in her mouth and give that precious bean the nutrients it needs to grow.

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